Client: Sonnet Repertory Theatre, Inc.
City: New York, NY
Industry: Theatre
Services: Branding, Graphic Design, Marketing

Sonnet Rep was founded in the fall of 2002 to promote classic plays and adaptations, providing forums for collaboration between emerging artists and established professionals.

In 2011, the artistic director received board approval for an   updated look as the company reached its 10 year anniversary. I was tasked with refreshing the branding, design promotional materials, and lead the marketing campaign. 

In collaboration with the Sonnet Rep board and visiting artists, I strove to find an identity that would work across the range of shows and themes of their productions. Once we selected the main visual identity (the ‘distressed crown’), I delivered artwork for each show and event whilst coordinating closely with the director of each production to make sure the visual represented their interpretation of what would be presented on stage.  

Since the rebrand and development of new artwork, Sonnet Rep has had a series of successful productions off-Broadway in New York City. They have also hosted special events honoring legends of the stage including The Lion King’s Tony Award® winning director Julie Taymor and actress Celia Weston.
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