Client: CPD Content Group, LLC
City: Cocoa Beach, FL / Durham, NC
Industry: Continuing Medical Education / Healthcare
Services: Print and Web Design, Video Editing, Motion Graphics

In 2013, The Oncologist, the official journal of the Society for Translational Oncology (STO), launched the Conference Perspectives series of in-depth reporting from major oncology conferences. In 2017, STO surveyed more than 34,000 clinicians to ask what additional features would best support their evidence-based oncology practice. 
Conference Perspectives: Lessons Learned was a new continuing medical education (CME)-certified companion to Conference Perspectives. In Lessons Learned, leading faculty provided case-based guidance for applying new research findings to oncology patient care.
STO created a new CME series, Conference Perspectives: Lessons Learned. In addition to their journal and informational website, they required a separate portal for the new CME program. 
To help facilitate this initiative, I worked with their scientific director partner, CPD Content Group. With a blank slate, we debuted a new program identity, individual course branding, and website. The elements needed for each activity were also created to reflect the conference city (e.g. Chicago, Atlanta, Madrid) and the subject of the course material (e.g. ovarian cancer, leukemia and lymphoma, etc.). This included motion graphics, video editing, and supporting print materials.

A total of six unique activities launched as part of Conference Perspectives: Lessons Learned along with a supplement of four on-site interviews on new research presented at European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) 2017 Congress in Madrid, Spain.
With a self-contained program site, the focus on oncology specific CME was presented clearly and allowed physicians to easily find the course materials they required. The program successfully completed the 12-month window during which online courses are available to learners for CME credit, as defined by agreements with the funding organizations that provide grant support.
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