Client: Columbia University Club of London (CUCL)
City: London, UK
Industry: Education / Alumni Association
Services: Survey and User Research, Graphic Design, Content Creation, Engagement

The Columbia University Club of London (CUCL) was established as a membership organisation to provide a social, intellectual, cultural, and professional forum for alumni and friends of Columbia University in London and the UK as a whole.

CUCL had fallen dormant with a change in the executive board. The goal was to rebuild the online presence of the club, engage with its members, and build back an active community online and off. 

To relaunch the club, I helped lead the strategy to unify the communication channels and shape the voice of the new executive board. To help facilitate this plan, an update to the Nationbuilder hosted website included a brand refresh with curation and creation of content. 

To understand better what our members needed from the website, emails, and social channels, I designed a series of online surveys to learn what our users expected. The feedback was invaluable, and surveys are now a regular part of our outreach with the community.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive. In two years we progressed from hosting 2-3 annual events to 43 events in 2018. The open-rate of our emails has increased and remains above our benchmark. This has helped us exceed more than 5,000 members in our database, becoming the largest Columbia Alumni Association outside of North America. 
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