Client: Littleglobe Inc.
City: Santa Fe, NM
Industry: Theatrical Production
Services: Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design

Littleglobe is a Santa Fe-based, non-profit artist ensemble committed to creative collaboration. In 2012, Littlegloabe embarked on the development of a musical to address the challenges and impact fossil fuels are having on global climate change.

The producers of “COAL: The Musical” needed new branding and a modern interactive website to display and promote the development of a musical fable––something positive, mythic, and beautiful.

In collaboration with the artistic team of directors, composers, and producers at Littleglobe, I created a logo and website that was to be the foundation of their online grassroots engagement campaign to ignite creative local action. Using a combination of nature imagery and behind the scenes photos and recordings, we were able to showcase the creative process of making a musical. 

After the launch of the website, Littleglobe was able to successfully promote the workshops of the production as they performed in New Mexico, California, and North Carolina. The insights into the creative process were well received as part of their educational outreach. However, as with many productions, the show evolved and the story and the name of the production changed to “Firerock: Pass the Spark”
As COAL: The Musical is not in development the website is no longer hosted. For archival purposes, this is a sample of the navigation and functionality. 

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