87AM London
Senior Account Director

87AM is a leading full-service digital agency focused on the performing arts, entertainment, and culture. After great success in the largest markets in North America including New York City, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, the agency expanded to London, England, in the summer of 2015.

Taking advantage of my dual US/UK citizenship, I relocated from New York City to manage the 87AM London office in partnership with the award-winning Target Media. As the Senior Account Director, I coordinated every aspect of the accounts we serviced in the UK, including media placement, creative assets, messaging, website development, and social strategy.

During my tenure:

+ 87AM has consistently delivered triple-digit returns on investment (ROI) on all direct-response campaigns.

+ While delivering a high ROI, the cost per action (CPA) has performed at the projected benchmark or below, returning great results for 87AM clients.

+ 87AM's digital initiatives have exceeded every sales goal and repeatedly beaten year-over-year projections set forth by the client.

+ 87AM implemented social media strategies that have, on average, far surpassed our established key performance indicators (KPI) for fan engagement, page likes, and website traffic.

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